Car Insurance agent invents new sport – car curling

It may not be institutionalized in the Winter Olympics, but insurance agent Galina Kirkach hopes his version of curling will find a place in the minds of spectators, as he organized a tournament involving cars to promote the importance of car insurance.

Curling is a sport that involves sliding stones across sheet ice with brooms to get them closest to the centre of a target across a rectangular field.

Kirkach’s version involves pushing a modified car across sheet ice with a driver inside steering it. The cars don’t have windows and windshields for safety and have their engines removed to make them lightweight. Teams of 10 push it across the ice and whoever gets it closest to the target wins the competition.

 UPI reported that the exhibition tournament was held in the Urals in Russia using compact Oka cars and was sponsored by a local auto insurance company.

“Curling looks boring on TV, but I played it once with friends and realized what a great sport it was,” Kirkach told local media.

“Then we decided to combine the idea of curling with cars. We constantly see accidents on the road, and we thought that this would attract people’s attention to the need for car insurance,” the report also quoted him as saying.

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Source: Australian Car Insurance Quotes News