NRMA Insurance urges drivers to drive safely

NRMA Insurance

NRMA Insurance is reminding Australian motorists to make safer decisions while on the road this festive season, as new claims data shows that car collisions have increased by more than 7% since 2015.

This year alone, the car insurer has logged more than 189,160 claims for car collisions in NSW, with data showing that collisions are more likely to occur on Thursdays and Fridays.

“The rise in motor vehicle collisions is a timely reminder of the importance of keeping safe on the road over the silly season, when the roads are busier and people may be travelling longer distances,” Robert McDonald, NRMA Insurance Research Centre director, said. “Our advice to drivers is to allow extra time to travel over the peak holiday period, adapt to the driving conditions, and take regular breaks if driving a long way to get to your holiday destination.”

December is also the worst month for car park collisions, the NRMA Car Insurance data reveals, with car park errors increasing by 18% over the annual average. Forty-five per cent (45%) of the collisions occurred while reversing.

“Retail car parks are exceptionally busy this time of year, so we should allow some extra time to find a space and get in and out of shopping centre car parks,” McDonald said. “Typical parking collisions involve hitting other cars, runaway shopping trolleys, and scrapes with pylons and poles. We want to encourage drivers to obey the parking rules, and exercise simple courtesy when circling the car park for a space.”

To encourage safer and distraction-free driving, NRMA Insurance has recently rolled out its Safer Journeys app, which motivates drivers to “switch off” their mobile phone behind the wheel. The app allows users to accumulate points for safe, distraction-free driving which they can redeem for rewards, like fuel and grocery vouchers.

The insurer also released a two-minute film, titled “Long Way,” to remind drivers to drive safe so they can be with their loved ones this Christmas.

Source: Insurance Business Australia Magazine

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