NRMA Uber Car Insurance | NRMA Car Insurance

NRMA Car Insurance | NRMA Uber Car Insurance

NRMA Car Insurance has become a favourite insurer for Uber Drivers. However there has been a lot of discussion recently about whether NRMA Uber Car Insurance is the best insurance company for Uber drivers. Uber drivers when dealing direct with NRMA have suffered a lot of frustration in ascertaining whether they would be adequately covered for ridesharing with an NRMA comprehensive car insurance policy.

NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance

The issue that many Uber drivers have encountered is that the NRMA Motor policy only covers “occasional ridesharing” and the lack of transparency as to what constitutes occasional rideshare.

There has been a great deal of discussion among Uber drivers and NRMA customers about whether they would be covered or not by their NRMA policy. Upon discussing these concerns with NRMA call centre staff, they are also receiving a lot of conflicting and contradicting information. On many occasions customers and prospective customers are being told that they would be covered and then referred to the NRMA PDS, only to be found that they may not be covered.

Car Insurance Brokers | Car Insurance Broker

Unfortunately, when dealing direct, you are most likely not dealing with a qualified Insurance professional. The only way to be sure that you are receiving professional advice for ridesharing insurance is to contact a qualified Insurance Broker, who can compare policies from a range of Insurance companies to ensure you receive the best car insurance policy for your needs and your circumstances.


Allianz Uber Car Insurance | Allianz Car Insurance

Allianz is another popular Car Insurance company for Uber drivers, and on face value, we would advise is more comprehensive for Uber drivers than the NRMA policy. The Allianz policy wording is more specific that it covers Uber driving and Ridesharing without the Occasional Use restrictions of NRMA.

Best Car Insurance | Best Uber Insurance

We recommend that you contact us, as licenced and professional Insurance Brokers, and allow us to do all the work in assessing which is the best car insurance for you. We have access to Allianz Car Insurance which covers Uber and Ride Share driving, as well as access to hundreds of other car insurance companies and policies.


Uber Liability Insurance

Although there is a Liability component to both the NRMA and Allianz Motor Vehicle policies for Uber drivers, we have access to additional special Ride Share Liability policies from specialist Liability Insurance companies, that will cover both the Uber company’s and the Government’s requirements.

Contact us today for a tailored solution to both your Uber Comprehensive Car Insurance and Uber Liability Insurance requirements.

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