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Tesla Semi Truck – The Future of Trucks | Truck Insurance Quotes

Diford Truck Insurance Australia reports that Tesla has unveiled it’s Electric Truck, the Tesla Semi Truck. The new Electric Truck, unveiled in 2017, is set to be launched in 2021. Tesla has boasted that the new truck will be the safest, most comfortable truck ever. An interesting question from an insurance point of view is how premiums will be rated and how will this affect truck insurance quotes for electric trucks and also driver-less cars in the future.

In this video, Tesla unveils their new electric truck, Tesla Semi, to be launched as soon as 2021.

Truck Details

The Tesla Semi Truck is powered by an all-electric battery and comes in the form of a Tractor Unit otherwise known as a Prime Mover for a Semi-Trailer. A Class 8 heavy-duty truck, propelled by electric motors, it has an electric range of between 480 and 800 kilometres or 300 and 500 miles.

Tesla claims this is the future of trucks and trucking, with four independent motors providing maximum power and acceleration, and requiring the lowest energy cost per mile.

Cost of Electricity | Truck

It is estimated that the cost to operate the electric truck will be approximately 12 cents per kilometre or 20 cents per mile less than a diesel truck if charged at a Mega-charger. This is because Tesla are guaranteeing a price of 7 cents per kilowatt-hour or 3,600 kilojoules.

Autopilot Truck

Tesla has announced that the Semi will come standard with Autopilot function that allows semi autonomous driving of the truck on highways. This is a major development in the trucking and automobile industries which looks set to lead to driverless vehicles in the very near future.

Truck Competition | Other Trucks

Class 8 Electric Trucks being developed by other companies include the following:

– BYD Trucks
– Daimler Trucks
– Kenworth Trucks
– Nikola Motor
– Peterbilt Trucks
– Toyota Trucks
– Volvo Trucks

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Truck Insurance Quotes

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